Changing what appears on the title bar

DotNetNuke has two ways of setting the title bar, depending on whether you set the "Page Title" field in Page Properties. It either displays your page title as you have set it, or the full path to your page (similar to the breadcrumb) when you leave it blank.

Some third-party modules, though, do use the page title for their purposes so you may want to have a page title exactly the same as the page name (reminder: the page name is what you see in the navigation component, while the page title is what you see at the browser title bar).

But you don't want the page title to appear "naked" in the title bar. You may still want to display the full path, or even just the portal name along with the current page's title.

To do either:

- Open default.aspx.vb (you'll find it in the root folder) with your favourite editor, even with notepad.

- Locate the InitializePage() function.

- Find the following chunk of code:

' set page title
Dim strTitle As String = PortalSettings.PortalName
For Each objTab In PortalSettings.ActiveTab.BreadCrumbs
strTitle += " > " & objTab.TabName
' tab title override
If PortalSettings.ActiveTab.Title <> "" Then
strTitle = PortalSettings.ActiveTab.Title
End If

The first part of the code (set page title) says: "Put the full path in the title"
The second part of the code (tab title override) says: "If the title is not empty, just show the title the user has entered and nothing else".

In order to show the portal name along with the title the user has entered, change the line:

strTitle = PortalSettings.ActiveTab.Title
strTitle = PortalSettings.PortalName + " > " + PortalSettings.ActiveTab.Title

In order to show the full path in any case (regardless whether the title is empty or not), DELETE the second part of the code all together (the last if...end if part). That way, the title will always be the full path to your page, comprised of the corresponding page titles of all the parent pages till the root page.

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