Hide those help icons, site-wide

Admit it. Those little questionmark help icons are ugly. Even if you replace the icon image with something more fancy, you still have to display them everywhere, even at the front-end (for example, the Feedback module uses them). And, if you’re developing for more than one language, that creates an awful lot of work for you, since you have to translate all texts that appear as tooltips when you hover over the icons.


There’s an easy way to hide them, though, and it’s site-wide. It will also apply to any third-party modules that use the dnn label control for providing labels for form controls.


Go to controls\labelcontrol.ascx and change the following line:

   <asp:image id="imgHelp"  runat="server" imageurl="~/images/help.gif" enableviewstate="False" />



   <asp:image visible="false" id="imgHelp"  runat="server" imageurl="~/images/help.gif" enableviewstate="False" />


That’s right. A visible=”false” attribute and the icons will disappear.


Also, if you notice that the labels are shifted to the left a bit (especially in IE), then go two lines above and change the line:


<span style="width:15px">


<span style="width:0px">


Or delete the span tag all together.


You can find a relevant thread on DotNetNuke.com with some more tips and tricks for the labelcontrol.ascx file here.


Have fun!

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