ModuleMaster, an admin module that was really missing from DNN

ModuleMaster is what I was looking for (and often considered developing myself). It can link modules – along with their settings – on the pages of your choice. Simple as that, but DNN doesn’t give you this option – you can either mark a module as “displayed in all pages”, in which case you only have linked modules to your original one – meaning that if you change something in one, it’ll change in every linked module, or copy the module by hand and then apply settings by hand (IPortable is not always well-implemented).


This module is a time-saver, especially for sites that have a number of pages already developed (and more especially if you’re using templates to create new pages). Imagine the scenario where the client asks you to apply a new text/html module, for example, in about 500 pages that you have already created, demanding to be able to edit each one of them independently of the others and needing to use a specific container. Count the DAYS it’ll take you to do it by hand. EDIT: Unfortunately, as I realised later, the module just creates “shadow” copies – i.e., links and not new instances, but remains useful whatsoever.


If anybody tries it, please post a comment here. I haven’t tried it yet, but looks very promising and it already has a couple of good reviews on SnowCovered.

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