Testing the ISearchable interface

When you create a DotNetNuke custom module you often have to implement the ISearchable interface which allows you to integrate your module's data in DotNetNuke's Search indexer so that they are available when a user performs a search on your portal.

The ISearchable interface is very powerful but unfortunately there is no easy way to test your module's integration - except if you start trying random keyword searches hoping that some of your custom module's data will eventually come up in search results.

Mr. Nik Kalyani is aware of this problem and has published a solution here: http://www.dotnetnuke.com/Community/BlogsDotNetNuke/tabid/825/EntryID/1100/Default.aspx
This is esssentially an .aspx page which you can upload on the root folder of your portal. By specifying the tab id and the module id, you get all the results that have been indexed for that combination.



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