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A simple idea, but someone had to conceive it and develop it. We often need to repeat a template made for a text/html module, without necessarily having the data stored in the database. Moreover, we need to give editors an easy way to enter data without having to know HTML to edit the markup.


There already are solutions, like Open Web Studio (formerly Listx) and the core Form and List module (formerly User Defined Table) module which can achieve similar results, but in a more complex and time-consuming way for the developer when it comes to simple, non-database-bound implementations like the one described above.


Enter HTML Template Repeater, created by Software’s Edge. You can define a template just as you would normally do in a Text/HTML module, defining placeholders for “variables” that you need to be replaced when the module output is rendered. The module provides you with a form to create “records” based on those variables and then you can repeat your template for as many records as you have entered. It even has paging functionality!


You can download the module from Codeplex, or see a video tutorial here. Another blog post / tutorial on the module is here.


Dedicated Dotnetnuke Developer June 16, 2010 at 9:37 AM  

Beautiful post!

I really love it!

I bookmarked it!


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